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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


When you can change things for the better, do it. When you're unable to make any changes in the way things are, you still can change the way you feel.

And your feelings will end up changing your world. 

Because your feelings have an effect on what you do from moment to moment.

The person you feel like being is the person you will become. 

The life you most feel like living is the life you will find yourself experiencing.

Feel good about your life, and almost immediately your life will begin to align with that feeling. 

In each area, on every level, you'll start creating the results that validate and fulfill the feelings.

It may at first seem ridiculous or impossible to feel good when things are not going well.

Actually, though, feeling good is really quite pleasant and something you can easily do whenever you choose.

So decide to feel good about life, right here, right now, and as often as possible. 

Put your feelings to positive use, and they'll help you build a more positive life.

-- Ralph Marston

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